For Individuals

One on One Coaching with Matt

Matt Stocker opened Trinity Fitness in 2009 with the goal of transforming lives through health and fitness. With a Master’s in Human Behavior, Matt has successfully developed an approach for translating a fitness and spiritual vision, into a strategic and practical plan that individuals can align around and commit to. In 2019 he received the prestigious Todd Durkin Fit Pro of the Year award presented to professionals in the fitness industry, which includes living a life of Passion, Purpose, and Impact. He also received the Best of Personal Training Award in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine.

From the moment clients enter Trinity Fitness and meet Matt, they rapidly recognize his natural ability to identify their needs and goals, and his commitment in developing a strategy and plan aimed at achieving those goals. The workout sessions are not always designed on common tangibles such as the number of weights and reps individuals can attain, but intangibles specific to their personal life and those external distractions that can often become obstacles in achieving their goals. Matt firmly believes that the Mind, Body, and Spirit must be completely synchronized to be successful in life. Those three key elements working in unison, provide the proper mental, physical and spiritual balance, that is essential in achieving a full potential in life.

The One on One option, includes personal coaching from Matthew Stocker, which incorporates: nutrition, programming, and training, designed for the client specific needs. A 3-month commitment is required to ensure that the individual is fully devoted to the program and its multi-step process. The individual can also participate in personal training if there are available slots in the schedule. Regardless, the program will be tailored to the client’s specific needs, and Matt will provide guidance for achieving Physical, Mental, and Spiritual success.

Personal Training

Our facility offers the option of selecting from numerous professional trainers depending on the client’s needs and lifestyle. The initial consultation is focused on understanding  the individual’s needs and concerns, to ensure  the best suited trainer is selected, to personalize an appropriate fitness program. Our goal is to establish a quality relationship, built on mutual accountability, between the individual and the trainer. Having a reciprocal client-trainer relationship, will enable the individual to rapidly achieve the established goals.

Gym Membership

Our state-of-the-art facility will provide you with privacy and exclusivity. We pride ourselves in keeping our equipment up to date, sanitized daily, and being the best in the Lehigh Valley. We provide 24-hour access to all members of our facility. You will be able to workout at your convenience, in an intimate setting, and we are confident that such experience will exceed your expectations.

Gym Pricing

  • Our 3 week trial cost – $97
  • Monthly membership cost – $119

Life changes? Cancel anytime no cancellation fee. So are you ready to join?

“This gym is a delight. Clean. Great people. Well equipped. Matt Stocker has an infectious personality and runs a great crew. Trainer Drew is highly knowledgable and a pleasure to be around. Can't go wrong.”