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We continue to encourage our clients to become better each time they step foot through the door.

“The greatest wealth is Health.”


Posted on Oct 22, 15 in Blog

How many times have you continued to drive your car when that dreaded check engine light comes on. Often it can be a glitch in the system, but most of the time it is a sign that so...

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Treat Each Day as a Gift

Posted on Feb 7, 15 in Blog

It’s been a long time since I put something up on our page but I feel this is necessary to get this out of me. The past few days have been a little rocky for me. On the outsi...

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Caffeine lovers: How much is too much?

Posted on Oct 2, 14 in Blog

Here are a few simple ways to determine if you drink too much caffeine: The Starbucks barista knows your name, order and social security number. Your friends and family know to avo...

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