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Trinity Fitness is the elite personal training center in Easton, Pennsylvania. We focus on:

Matt Stocker encourages his clients to become healthier through hard work and a positive attitude.

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Caffeine lovers: How much is too much?

Posted on Oct 2, 14 in Blog

Here are a few simple ways to determine if you drink too much caffeine: The Starbucks barista knows your name, order and social security number. Your friends and family know to avo...

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Sweat The Small Stuff

Posted on Sep 27, 14 in Blog

The past twelve hours have been spent with successful fitness professionals from all of the the country. Our venue is at the famous Walt Disney World. Our coaches chose this venue ...

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Should you eat before you exercise?

Posted on Sep 18, 14 in Blog

As a trainer, clients always ask me if they should eat before they work out. I understand the confusion for fitness newbies; some might think that eating beforehand will just spoil...

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Matt and Ollie spent time understanding my issues and have created a program for me that is challenging, without any undue stress on my neck or back. I am thrilled to hit the gym each and every morning I have one of my scheduled workouts with Ollie. I know his help is getting me stronger and healthier for my family.
Karen Silbernagel from Easton, PA