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Matt Stocker encourages his clients to become healthier through hard work and a positive attitude.

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Posted on Sep 5, 14 in Blog

Kvetch – To complain chronically or habitually, from Yiddish kvetshn, “pinch, squeeze; complain.” A very interesting word. I bet most of you never even heard of i...

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Does long distance running help with weight loss?

Posted on Aug 27, 14 in Blog

Whenever I used to head out for a run, my boyfriend, Todd, would roll his eyes. He would give me the long speech about how running long distance is bad for me and it doesn’t ...

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Posted on Aug 16, 14 in Blog

I am sitting here in on balcony in Clearwater. It’s been a awesome week with family and being together. I have been wanting to write this and finally had the opportunity. Bet...

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I gave myself a goal of getting into the gym every day for 8 weeks. By the end of my goal, Ollie helped me lose fifteen pounds and three dress size. Ollie also helped me appreciate the importance of daily exercise and good eating. 3 years later, Ollie and I are still together. At 43, I am in the best shape of my life.
Alicia Bell from Reading, PA